What do you say to a mentee?

Another professional forum spoke about what do you tell a mentee. Listed below are a few things I make sure to mention to someone I am mentoring…but I am curious to know what are yours? I need to make my list a top 20 :0)
I have many mentors for many different areas of my life.

I also have a mentees. Usually it is a few, due to my position, I try to mentor.

Others have chosen me ( to my shock) and I try to tell them a few things my parents told me:

1) when it is your turn to make a decision…make a decision. Be the leader take info and go…

2) Never publicly debate your boss…those discussions are for private times when a final decision has yet to be made…if you are mad about it later..tell the family pet

3) write down all the things that bother you while you are still a young in a position…as you move up …go back to that list and see what you can explain or change. It will help you remember what it felt like to be the new person and remind you – you still have work to do

4) you have to do the tedious work to get to the cool work

5) no one is in awe of you..except your mom…so accept accolades and move on ;0)

6) never ever ever ever trade in your integrity…ever…never ever…

I have more nuggets…but these are the top ones… ;0)


How do you mentor?