Welcome to the City

First post!!! I am so excited to share so many things with you that have been on my mind – and with the help from my friends and the temperament of kids and husband I am charging forward!

First…I am not the best speller.  I swear spell check was made for people like me who learned to spell in England and then came to the US and lost the awesome ‘u’ in ‘colour’ and the very formal ‘e’ placement in ‘theatre.’

Second…I have a great deal of info I will slowly move over for indivduals to comment and engage with me on! I work full time at home and at work – so please be patient with responses but I will get to you…

Last but not least – I expect this forum to remain professional and PG.  I will delete comments that use language that is NSFM (Not Suitable For Me) or if a thread gets a wee to contentious.  I love a healthy debate and the engagement of others on topics…but in healthy debate you talk about the issue and not the person…so let’s keep it classy…..

Thoughts for Today….

The City Life

Moving to a big city has been challenging. We just spent 2 hrs driving 47 miles. 47 Miles…for no reason than individuals thought the police who already had someone pulled over – were going to jump back in their cars and pull them and their speeding buddy over….<<le sigh>>

The good thing is that it gave me a chance to think about life in the city…the hustle…the noise..the energy.  At times it feeds my spirit to see so many diverse and different people moving together in tandem with lights and sirens to various destinations.  How a shared space can bring a joke or a smile…or a helping hand or two when a momma pushing a stroller can’t keep the door open…or a tourist is unable to figure out the metro system map…random acts of kindness are out there all the time.

This city life is not for everyone and may be a part of your life for only a season, but you should embrace what you can and find the joy – even in the traffic jam.  My little family was “trapped” in the car together..so after the movie went off ( because we are not saints…lol)…we had a family chat about the different cars we saw and made up a few stories about where we thought each carload of people…or solo drivers….were headed.

Even in the frustration of traffic – you can center and find a way to lead, to live, and to leave a legacy.

Welcome again…

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the City”

    1. I am surrounded by amazing people who make me want to be more….thank you and I look forward to writing and posting more!

    1. Hi! This will not really be about the tribe…but I am sure they will play a part of the posts!
      Although I refer to them in the same lingo…this truly is about what I wonder..mull over…think about…vs the wonders which keep me in awe :0)
      I hope you will still join in!

  1. Most OUTSTANDING! As Mother Teresa said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.” Thanks for creating a forum which will facilitate thought provoking ripples. I look forward to the discussions.

    1. Thanks!! I will be adding items I have already written once I screen to protect the innocent! :0) I love the quote and hope to produce ripples of great discussion!

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