If you build it…

Like many parents, I attempt to inspire and develop my little legacies through visits to museums, speakers and other events.

Today my personal wilson wonders learned a valuable listen in how to build something sturdy.

They had to build a static missile. This missile had to stand up to three different air speeds (provided by a fan). This missile had to stand up while being held down by a weight (maybe 1/4 lb)….and the missile had to be made of only tape and paper and their imagination.


I watched these children…from age 5 to 11…build missiles.

Some fell down at first. Yet, they kept at it and learned to stand tall, a structure has to have the proper base to hold the heights it wanted to achieve.

A proper base. In life, we must also have a proper base to hold the heights we want to achieve.  We must have a strong foundation provided to us by our parents or parental figures, so we know our dreams will hold.  Our family will be strong and with this as our base…we can make so many things happen…

I watched these children….build missiles.

They learned to make sure the bounds that held the base of the structure held true.

WOW! They learned that nothing that is built to last – is held up by one thing – but many…and the bond must be strong.  Do not burn bridges on your way up. Sometimes it is your job to lift up while sometimes it is your job to hold together….and other times it is your job to rise above.

I watched these children…build…

They learned they would have to weather storms that may try to blow them over and may try to weigh them down, but with a solid base – they can rise above.

They can all rise above to reach every dream…to conquer every fight….to weather every storm…to become what their imagination and drive allows them to.

I watched these children….

….and I became better for it.

Thank you to all those who came before.

Thank you to all of those who spoke and took time to reach back and lift up today but thank you to these children who taught me so much more than how to build a missile. They reminded me how to build a legacy and a life.