Be Super


Let’s grow together as we explore how to be a better servant leader and follower!




Does anyone have this thing called life figured out? I sure don’t!!
So let’s chat about some musings I have on all the things in this life that we successfully ( or not) juggle in order to grow.
My main focus is leadership…and how to live this life to the fullest.

Dive in!




Do you know what people think of you when you leave? What image do you project in public and in private? Let’s chat about how to leave a legacy of service and how to instill that in those you lead at work…or at home!


A little help from your friends


I am blessed with a tribe of women and men who continue to inspire me.

From my grandparents…to my mother and father…
From my to my step-mom and dad…to my brothers and sisters and husband and friends from high school…college…work…wherever…they push me to become better and do better each day.

I hope you are blessed with the same and if not, it is okay to grow and develop in your circle to gain those relationships and perspective on what you want your healthy relationship to exhibit.

To lead others,¬†you must know yourself…

To have a life, you must share with others…

To leave a legacy, you must give of yourself for others…

Let’s grow together!