Allow me to re-introduce myself…

How do you introduce yourself to others?

If someone was coming into your home, how would you greet them? Would you give them directions or make them find their own way? Would you introduce them to the other members of your home or would you just let them walk around and hope they talked to others?

Most of us would never let someone come to our house and fumble around – yet we would let that happen to our newest employees by not providing them with the right welcome to the organization.

We do not provide them with orientations until weeks after they arrived.
We hand them a hundred page ‘booklet’ to describe company operations without a guide to help them know how to apply the information or where to go for questions.We do not schedule training in advance, so they are learning a job on their own.
We do not check on pay – to make sure they understand their wages, taxes, deductions and insurance…and then check back in a week or two to make sure it all made sense
We will not have a computer available or maybe even a desk – although we knew the person was coming…it’s not like new hires are “unexpected!”
We forget what it is to be the new one in “the house” or use it as a “well it was rough for me and I figured it out” right of passage.

So I ask – how do you welcome the newest employees to your organization? How do you welcome transfers to departments?

This all impacts how people will describe your organization when they get home…and impact other future hires! The “man – do you believe what happened?!” can either have a positive or a negative connotation…which one do you want your organization to have?

I wonder…