Say that Again?

” The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place” – George Bernard Shaw

I like to talk.

I like to listen.

I enjoy communicating with others and learning what feeds them….BUT how do I communicate with my boss, my peers, and those that work for me?  Do I take the skills that make me effective ( usually) at home and use them in a healthy way at work?  Am I learning how my boss communicates in order to get clear guidance from them – so I can then relay clear instructions to those that work for me??  So many questions!!!

I have found that many articles talk about learning how you communicate as the key to success.


I would humbly submit that your boss could really care less how you communicate.  You must figure out how they absorb and retain information and effectively provide it.

Do you do that for your boss?  Do you listen when they tell you how they communicate? Are you fighting their communication methods because it does not “match” you and complain when “no one understands?”  Observe your boss and how those closest to him or her get information to them.  Observe what your boss says back to them and how they interact with clients vs co-workers.  After some observation, test out the varied methods of communication you have observed that works and see which one gets you the response you desire.

“Date your boss.”  Not for real – HR would have a field day with that :0P -but when you were learning your best friend/spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend…you had to know how to talk to them to get things done…well why are you not using that professional observational skill at work?

If you are “the boss” – do people who work for you know how you take in information? If you know how you communicate – let’s not make it a game of 20 questions and share that information.

It is always surprising to me how when I tell people I retain information through examples– how many fail to do that. In that way, I can categorize people who are listening to what I say or are just bobbing their head in agreement to whatever comes out of my mouth – which is a bad idea!! I read something and then try to place it into a frame I understand and can retain. I may ask you to show me…I may ask you follow-ups on how it is applicable to the situation at hand…but I am attempting to glean the key piece of info that will make it stay in my tiny, busy brain! Help a sister out :0)!

If your boss tells you how they retain info – listen!!

Let’s stop playing into the communication “illusion” and learn the best ways to take the visions and missions of our respective organizations and create healthy organizational communication frameworks!

Lead well :0)