A few days ago, I was hooded as a Doctor of Psychology, Organizational Leadership specialization and got to wear a funny hat .

20 minutes after the event completed, I was reminded of my role as a momma of 4 and got the honor of finding and providing lotion to my 3 yr old…and got to wear another hat while wearing the funny hat.


We wear many hats…many roles..lots of varied responsibilities. It should not be a burden but something we use as tools to better ourselves.

My student status helped me be a better military officer through learning how to effectively manage my time…my parent hat helps me learn patience…and my commander hat has helped me to focus and discipline myself so that I can reach the goals I set for myself and the unit I am honored to serve.

None of this could have been possible without an awesome support network…my husband is a rock star…my family is crazy and inspiring and my network of friends…to include other amazing officers and mentors, moms and aunts, leaders and active followers…who have celebrated the hard hats, the funny hats, the tough hats, the odd hatsĀ  that we have all had to wear to become the people we are today…

So I post this to say…you can wear all of them…it will all be okay…keep your goals in mind, your humor intact, your lotion nearby…and rock all the hats you are lucky enough to wear.

Lead well.

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