They are Watching

This mid-week as we celebrated Independence Day – kid 3 of 4 adamantly wanted to wear this shirt. I would not normally post her face here but I wanted you to see her glee.

She said her Nana was in uniform…her mom wears a uniform…and (in her 6 year old serious voice) “I do not know if I want to do it but I know I want to do something that makes a difference and if I think that starts in uniform then I want to do that…”

My heart swelled with pride because she noticed.

This one has moved as many times as her years on earth but she noticed what momma does

She has seen me cry in the car when I “just missed” the “thing”
She has seen me rush into events as the doors were closing to make sure I made it…
She has seen me fall asleep right after dinner and woken me up to give me a kiss good night
She has waved goodbye to me at airports
She sobbed when we went to memorials and learned what the oath I took to this country could mean
She clapped at my promotions and change of command events
She saw me “get fat and then thinner” when I had kid 4/4 and cheered me on as I ran races and worked out…

Seeing all of this…she still wants this as an option and I am so proud that it is and continues to be one for her.

I say all this to remind all of you with kids – planning or raising – they will be fine

They want you and your love and security…those things can happen no matter where you move to

I say this for those with or without kids to say – they are watching you…those mentees, nieces,nephews, god-children, church babies, the pet-sitter and the little boys and girls at lemonade stands…they see you and what you do.

You have and continue to provide them options.
Independence to me means the freedom to choose a destiny…and each of you show everyday what this uniformed choice could be…
I thank the strong women who came before for this choice
I am honored to stand with the phenomenal women I serve with daily
I am fortunate to see the possibilities of the future before us in my home..