How do you share you care?

Its long…but here goes… As I sit here and work on slides for a commander’s call …I am torn between sharing as much info as I can because I only get to see 90% of the squadron once every few months…and sticking to three main points that I need people to know…
1. We care
2. Your work has value

3. Go forth and continue to do great things


In each of those areas, I could go on and on about programs and assistance…metrics of work completed…the literal dollar value of what each of the men and women I have the pleasure to lead provide and hope to inspire them to continue…to continue to lead and follow well…
But how do you do this in a genuine way?

How do you put into words that you know that it was early when they came in to work….late when they got home…that sometimes you just could not fix it…and other days you nailed fixing whatever “it” was the first time…some days you celebrate and laugh over the success of the day…other days you can feel as if nothing you do is good enough…

How do you do this in the short time span I have with them?

To me…the only way I know how to lead is with authenticity. To not just display and share a message on the day I see everyone…but to do it on the days I may only see five people…or ten…or 40. I try to be of value to them…so those I have the honor to lead can see and feel the value they give not just to the mission – but to me as a person.

I see so much in the world that proves we need to remind each other that you are not alone.
Adulting can be hard.
Life can be hard…but there is nothing you are going through that someone has not overcome…that someone cannot hold your hand and help you through…and it is worth building relationships so that you have those hands and hearts to reach out to each day.

I realize that if I am blessed with the opportunity to lead more people and move up in rank…I will have more topics and less time sometimes to walk them through it.

So I ask how do you share information with those you lead? How do you want information given to you?

Trying to learn and get better…