You are Amazing

I was looking for a picture for someone & came back across a gem…

I am sharing this because I hear the struggle…I know the struggle and I would like to remind all of yo, women and men – you can do this!! No matter what your pull is! It could be aging parents, dating to marry, loving single life, married, divorced, widowed, foster mom, step mom, grandma…you do amazing things everyday…and celebrate the fact you are handling it – sometimes great…sometimes barely…but channeling Olivia Pope – “It is handled!”

To me this picture represents one of the best and most exhausting times of my career..

Kid 1 and 3 are draped across me and as you can see I am expecting kid 4…what you can not see is the 12 hr day I had as a sitting commander…I barely had lunch…my feet were swollen and my head hurt from decisions…but I LOVED my life (just tired at this moment 😋)
I barely had the energy to get up to go to dinner or even be awake…lol…but I know I am truly honored with roles that fulfill me even as they kept me sleepy at times!

Remember to take your moments when you can and not to beat yourself up for not having a greater quantity of time…but try to maintain the quality of time with those you hold dear!

Life is a teeter-totter where constant balance is not the goal because what is the fun in that?!? This life has highs and lows and the point is to keep it moving and enjoy the moment you are in…

I hope this helps someone today…

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