Lessons Learned

This week I had a mentoring minute from an unlikely source – my tween daughter.

I will openly state that she misread the advertisement and was seeking to correct that with her dad and my assistance…but by wednesday of this week, she was geared up and was told by the athletic director that she still had time.

Then came the friends at the lunch table.These individuals told her it was too late to attempt to tryout for a team…that she would be too behind to even try.

I came home to a kid that was visibly and emotionally upset.
I asked her if she wanted to try out still. She said yes…I said did any adult tell you it was too late?..she said no…I said hop in the car – we need to get to the school quick.

When we got to the school…she was unable to enter the gym because she was so upset. I told her that I can only bring her to the door – but if she wants this she has to go in and do the work herself…

She looked at me…wiped the tears from her eyes…swung open the door and walked in. She told the coach she maybe too late…might not be the best…but wanted to chance to try.
The coach looked at her and said “tryouts are tmrw…I will stay and teach you the two chants but your mom will have to help you with the dance”

So she stayed..she learned…we went home and did two hrs of “juju on that beat” (lord help me!)…and we talked about how you never let someone steal your opportunity to try and agreed that if she did not make the team it would be fine because she tried…

…so many lessons in this exchange this week…
1) Know your source…sometimes..a lot of times…secondary sources get it wrong either purposefully or not – so know where the original info is coming from

2) We all need a cheerleader…someone who will remind us that we can do this and will drive us to the door

3) ‘Bring your guts’ – you have to be ready and able to open doors as they are presented…no one can do that for you..and you sometimes must humble yourself and say “I do not know” to learn what you need to know to excel…and that is fine.

4) Have realistic expectations and know that sometimes the answer will be “no.” Getting a no sucks..but it can teach you a lesson on either how to better prepare or introduce you to something you may be a better fit for. “No” can mean “not at this time.” “No” can mean…”I have something more aligned for you coming.” Learn to recognize the difference and manage disappointment.

5) Be a coach/leader with heart. Sometimes, through no fault of their own, some people need you to stay a little later to help with skill development…if they have the attitude – I can help you with aptitude…so be ready to assist and recognize the need!

So many lessons that I will carry with me from this parental experience….that will hopefully help me to grow as a military leader as well.

….oh…she made the team