Who Am I?

Ultimate question of life - am I right??
I am a work in progress.

A daughter, sister, wife, mother, leader, follower and student.

I do not just observe but participate fully in life and leading others to achieve their greatest goals. I am also passionate about leaving a legacy for others that is committed to service and a greater world for us all.


I love to share and chat - but I do have a background in these topics!

Over 16 years in leadership roles...a PsyD with a focus on Organizational Leadership...wife and mother of 4...volunteer...student...avid reader and collector of quotes.

Note my opinions are my own, not those of my employer or any organization I belong! If I do share nuggets of info from others - then I will attribute them to the right source and I ask you do the same...  :0)

I will have guest contributors from time to time that inspire and motivate me...because no one opinion or view should rule let's have fun!